The Goose Girl: detail

Artist: Martin Dace, after the painting by Jean-Francois Millet.
Detail from stone lithograph print, overall size approx. 10x14 inches (26x35cm), size of detail 4x4 inches (10x10cm). Strictly limited edition of 20 signed and numbered prints on heavyweight French Rives paper. (c) 2001.

the Goose Girl litho print: detail

An interpretation as a lithographic print of a small painting by Millet (c.1863): detail. I am not ashamed to copy the work of great artists, as many artists have done before, and as composers refashion the tunes of earlier composers into something new. If this only awakens a new appreciation of Millet it will be worthwhile, but I think the lithographic process adds something special of its own.

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Please note: the slight flaw which appears as a vertical join in the above image is a computer artefact caused by the fact that I had to scan in the image in three parts and then rejoin the scanned image. This join is not present in the original prints.

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