Sleeping Maenad

after Étienne-Maurice Falconet (1716-1791)

This sleeping naked nymph or maenad is inspired by part of a small sculpture group by Falconet. This is the second stage of an oil painting, which began as a sketch in dilute burnt umber. The support is an MDF board primed with acrylic gesso and a thin transparent layer (imprimatura) of raw siena.

sleeping naked nymphThe finished painting may be viewed by clicking on the little picture.

Click for an animation to see how the painting was made, from preliminary sketch to finished painting.

A maenad is another name for a bacchante, an ecstatic follower of Dionysos, god of wine.

You may use this as free desktop wallpaper (but see my copyright notice). Click on the picture for a bigger version - 1024x768 pixels (188K). Then right-click on the image and click on 'set as wallpaper' (Windows). Mac users download image to disk by dragging onto the desktop or other open folder, then use the 'appearance' option under 'control panels' in the Apple menu (OS9).

sleeping naked nymph

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