Still life

Sarreguemines reclining nude and Turkish rug

reclining nude

Still life of a Sarreguemines 1930s faience figurine of a reclining nude, and a small Turkish rug.
Oil on canvas, 18x24 inches, Martin Dace 2000.

This is a painting I did a while ago. I was pleased with it at first, then not so sure, now I like it again. It has a certain awkwardness about it which is perhaps after all not displeasing. The scale of objects in the picture is deliberately unclear: in reality, the statuette is about 9 inches high. I think maybe I'll get round to painting the figurine again one day, perhaps in a more fluid style.

I found the lady in a South London antique furniture shop. She was made in France and dates from 1930 or so judging by her hair style. I emailed the Sarreguemines museum in France but they weren't able to tell me any more.

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