oil on canvas 2003

Oil painting of a small boy

Christopher as a little prince (I)
Oil on canvas, 24x20 inches, Martin Dace 2003.

Christopher aged 4. This oil painting was commissioned by Christopher's parents to give to his grandparents (his father's parents), on the occasion of Christopher and his parents' emigration to the United States. I have taken a leaf out of the book of painters like Peter Lely, and put symbols and things to think about in the painting. You can see the little elephant, which was a gift from Christopher's grandfather. Everyone knows that elephants never forget. There is the book of Christopher's life, just begun. The ribbon bookmark reads INCIPIT VITA NOVA. This refers to the fact that life is always beginning new every day. It is a quotation from Dante's La Vita Nuova.

My oil paintings of Christopher will end up in three countries. See family portrait in an unusual style for Christopher a little bit younger. The family portrait goes with them to the United States.


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