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Rococo fun

Sleeping Nymph

A sleeping naked nymph or maenad, inspired by part of a small sculpture group by Étienne-Maurice Falconet (1716-1791). A little experiment in Rococo. Rococo reaches the parts other art cannot reach.

She is probably a maenad or bacchante, because you can see the empty wine jug, and the shell from which she has been drinking. I don't think she drunk too much, because otherwise she wouldn't be smiling. Also she left a little wine in her drinking shell. It was a wonderful party though. She looks as though it wouldn't take all that much to wake her up again.

face leaves

Oil painting on prepared MDF board, 10x12 inches (in barbarian measure: 255x305mm), 2004. The little square details are larger than actual size.

sleeping naked nymph

Click for an animation to see how this painting was made.

You may click on the picture for a bigger version - 1024x768 pixels (148K) - usable as free desktop wallpaper. Then (Windows) right-click on the image and click on 'set as wallpaper'. Mac users (OS9) download image to disk by dragging onto the desktop or other open folder, then use the 'appearance' option under 'control panels' in the Apple menu. See my copyright notice for restrictions of use.

Do not download this artwork in any country or jurisdiction where the beauty made by God to remind us of higher worlds is regarded as unclean, in other words, places ruled by heretics with bad thoughts.

shell foot

Click for the preliminary sketch.

Click for more nymph naughtiness.