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alice 27 September 2004: The site redesign has relegated this page to the past. It is still accessible from older pages on this site, but my current what's new page is now the home page. The page you are at now will no longer be updated. Please visit my new home page!

amphitrite amphitrite8 September 2004: Coming soon: this website is about to be redesigned, and with some new artworks too. The redesign will give it a new fresh look, and also should make it readable in any browser, including hand-held devices.

This is probably the only portrait artist's website with its own WAP page, but that technology is probably almost dead before most people have even heard of it. For the new site, I shall use XHTML conformable with web standards and CSS. You really wanted to know that, didn't you?

Also, nearly ready is a Flash animation in which you can dress the doll, like those ones you used to get on the backs of cereal packets a very long time ago. Unlike those cardboard ones you can change her age as well. Is it art? I don't know, but it's my website so I'll do it anyway. Watch this space.

aphrodite 2 August 2004: If you go to the oil sketch of Aphrodite and click on the picture, you will now be taken to the next stage.

grotesque 8 July 2004: In the sketchbook section: a girl grotesque in the Florentine manner.

psyche heart eros 18 June 2004: In the calligraphy section: a commissioned piece of calligraphy with illumination. The complete illuminated text of Ten commandments for a happy marriage is now shown.

girl's head17 June 2004: Girl's head: study in brown.

pinhole2 June 2004: The Telegraph Hill Space Mission, South London: to view the Transit of Venus on 8 June, aided by a cardboard tube and sticky tape.

feet8 May 2004: After much hard work, and five sittings from a patient client, I have completed and sold this reclining nude portrait. Click on the detail to see the whole painting.

mermaid 6 May 2004:
A piece of calligraphy with a cartouche based on my Eros and Psyche design. A quotation from the Katha Upanishad.

mermaid 29 April 2004:
A mermaid in the sketchbook section.

18 April 2004: cherub An oil sketch on paper showing symbolic hints at the oil painter's secrets. Click on the cherub's face to see the whole of this whimsical work.

New in the spiralmathematics section: clean your brushes using algebra! Some useful advice about how to clean your paintbrushes easily, and at the same time minimise the damage done by solvents to the environment and to your plumbing.

Save money too!

You don't have to understand the algebra, but it's there if you want it. Level of difficulty: secondary school.

nymphThe sketch of a sleeping nymph turned into a little oil painting in the Rococo style. The image on the right is a detail. This link now leads to the full painting, and a larger version can be downloaded as free desktop wallpaper.

In my sketchbook section you will find an earlier stage, rather charming I think. I might have to do a shepherd as well some time, for all those of either sex who prefer shepherds to nymphs.

The aim of art is to produce beauty, and the aim of beauty is to remind us of greater and more real beauties, and all beauty comes from a higher world (as discussed by Plato in The Phaedrus). Thus there is no sin in art which is beautiful. Likewise, it is easy to distinguish art from pornography, since if it is ugly it is pornography, and if it is beautiful it is art.

angelLino print in one colour. Going a little bit Rococo here.

Message for D.W: I got your question on the contact form, but my reply to the email address you gave was bounced with the message 'Account Inactive'. Please fix this and then email me, and I'll reply.

Vitruvian woman cherub child margarita teresa spiral New cool mathematical section. Click on the pictures on the left for the pages on human proportion: notes on the canon of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, a mathematical analysis of the proportions of children, and notes on the divine ratio. Click on the face of Margarita Teresa for an application of geometry and algebra to Velazquez's portrait of the Infanta, leading to my preparatory sketch for a copy of Velazquez's painting.

These pages and more have been assembled together in my new cool maths section, including my original Islamic geometry page. Click on the spiral on the right to go to the maths page and maths menu.

New portrait of Jessie: this was my response to a competition for a logo for a performing arts organisation. I didn't win, but without the competition this painting would not have been done, so nothing lost!

The English apostrophe - information about the correct use of the apostrophe, with new remarks by a correspondent on the formation of the genitive in Dutch, German and Middle English; also a link to an amusing website about apostrophes. NEW: correction of an error about the impersonal pronoun 'one.'

fairy face A small incident in fairyland - work in progress. A little painting based on an illustration by E. Gertrude Thomson, from Lewis Carroll's Three Sunsets and Other Poems.

studio Reply to a question - how do you paint skin tones?

goat head maenad Dionysos and a maenad - work in progress. I haven't updated this website for a while, because I have so many half finished things lying about. I thought I'd at least put up some further work on the maenad painting. Click on either picture to go to the updated maenad page.

NaomiNaomi at age 15, dressed as an exotic princess and wearing a head-dress she made herself. This painting was shortlisted for the Daily Mail 'Not the Turner Prize' and was exhibited at the Mall Galleries, June 7 - 14 2003. Click on the picture for the full painting.

NathalieNathalie poses for a new painting entitled Queen of Hearts.

ChristopherChristopherChristopherA new portrait of Christopher, who also appears in the family portrait below.

family Click on the image left for a family portrait in an unusual style.

Fragonard girl reading A full size copy in oil on canvas of girl reading by Fragonard. Click for the full picture.

nude A painting I did a while back: a still life of a reclining nude figurine against a Turkish rug.

Paddington I have added an amusing collage to Heraclitus's Railway Adventure, which is a mini play or dialogue in the manner of Plato, with a little Aristophanes thrown in. In case anyone wants to know what Heraclitus actually said, rather than the inventions of my fevered 21st century brain, here is a link to someone else's website who has put the entire extant sayings of Heraclitus on-line. I recommend you read the sayings a little at a time, and come to your own understanding. Here is another translation of Heraclitus in English and French, together with the original Greek. Here is another version in English. Click here for Parmenides.

St Catherine of Siena as a young girlA painting of St Catherine of Siena as a young girl, levitating upstairs (inspired by a nineteenth century painting in St Catherine's Convent, Siena). Click on the picture for the full image.

clock nymph Click for the fabulous desktop moonphase clock, a Flash animation which actually tells you the phase of the moon as well as the time.

Hebe Hebe and the poisonous garden, a very short story with illustrations. There really was a King Attalus: he was the last of a line of kings that ruled over part of what had once been Alexander's empire, before the Romans took over everything. Plutarch says that Attalus had a garden of venomous vegetables (Demetrius 20.2).

festivalLocal stuff: the Festival is over for another year, but the Telegraph Hill website is kept up to date with local news for this corner of London.

fairy The Interactive Fairy! has been moved to the movies page. When I have time for further refinements I shall announce them here on the what's new page.

impressionist flowers A quick foray into the colourful world of impressionism with this new small flower painting, completed in one afternoon.

goose girlThe Goose Girl: a stone lithographic print in a strictly limited edition of 20. Here's your chance to buy my work very cheaply before I become famous.

rose and aliceHere are some of my holiday snaps. They're a bit different. But is it art? Who cares? Enjoy.

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