Iphis and Ianthe prints

Ligdus decided Iphis should marry Ianthe

Ianthe and Iphis are in love with one another. Ianthe is longing for the day of the arranged marriage. But Iphis dreads the day because she thinks she will not be able to make Ianthe happy. She will be found out, be rejected by a society in which she can have no place, and hurt the girl she loves. (Print number 4.)

Teletheusa is alarmed, since her deception will be discovered. She has obeyed the goddess, but even so it looks as though fate is about to overcome her.

The image of Ligdus is adapted from Costumes of the Greeks and Romans, Dover publications, the illustrations in which are again taken from ancient vases.


I can make any scene into a print for you, with or without the text. The vector graphics of the original mean that I can also create a print of any part of a scene without loss of sharpness. Please note any special requirements when you send in the on-line form.


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