Iphis and Ianthe prints

Ianthe about to take a bath (detail of the whole image shown on the previous page). This detail gives a clearer idea of the level of definition in a full size print (7x7 inches = 18x18cm) (print number 0)

Ianthe about to take a bath

This scene is taken from a Greek vase painting c 480 BC by Onesimos. I developed this image from a poor copy in Pausanias Guide to Greece volume 1, Penguin Classics 1979, p470. Onesimos paints like a dream, but sometimes the anatomy needs little corrections.


7x7 inch high definition Epson glossy print: $20.00 plus p+p

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I can make any scene into a print for you, with or without the text. The vector graphics of the original mean that I can also create a print of any part of a scene without loss of sharpness. Please note any special requirements when you send in the on-line form.


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