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High quality Epson prints on A4 photo paper of any scene are available: see below for details. To take a tour of all the prints, with commentary on the story and notes on the origins of the images, click here. The tour will return you to this page.

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from Odes of Horace, Book II, 5
Nondum subacta ferre iugum valet
Cervice, non dum munia comparis
Aequare nec tauri ruentis
In venerem tolerare pondus.
Circa virentis est animus tuae
Campos iuvencae, nunc fluviis gravem
Solantis aestum, nunc in udo
Ludere cum vitulis salicto
Praegestientis. Tolle cupidinem
Immitis uvae: iam tibi lividos
Distinguet autumnus racemos
Purpureo varius colore.

High quality Epson prints on A4 paper (image size approximately 9x7 inches = 23x18cm or 7x7 inches for square images) of any scene are available at UKú15.00 each including postage (UK only), or US$20.00 each including postage. Set of six prints UKú60.00 US$80.00. For enquiries email me or use the form below. I can't stop you downloading the (copyright) images on this page, but the ones I can send you are much sharper and will give you much more pleasure to look at (see the definition possible here). Please note I regret I cannot accept credit card payments: please send your cheque or international money order made payable to Martin Dace, in UK pounds or US dollars, to:

Martin Dace, 147 Jerningham Road, London SE14 5NJ, England

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