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martin dace's experimental movies

Click on a picture for the related animation. You will be taken either to the movie itself or to an explanatory page from which you can start the animation.


How to paint a naked nymph

This animation shows the gradual transformation of a prepared board into the fully realised painting of a sleeping naked nymph. Click the picture for the animation or click this nymph painting link to a descriptive page with a bigger image. From that page you can even get free desktop wallpaper of the nymph.

dress up doll

Dress-up doll

The fabulous dress-up doll (paperless paper doll) with variable age. You decide what age she should be then dress her and undress her. Please try to keep the wardrobe tidy.


The Interactive Fairy!

You can make the fairy fly and move her arms and legs, as well as dressing and undressing her (within the bounds of British decency, I'll have you know). She has her own special page now with instructions. Guaranteed better than half a pickled cow, and more likely to make you smile than a defaced Goya print (ooh ooh controversial).

child ballerina face

The Young Ballerina

A simple animated demonstration of the construction of a painting of a girl ballerina from an old photograph.


Dancing cherubs

My first Flash movie: Dance! For geometry fans, it shows a hinged tesselation, but regular folks will enjoy the fact that I have painted cherubs on the moving shapes. So prepare to be educated and entertained: click on the cherub to see it (56K). (You will be prompted to download the latest free Flash plugin if you haven't got it.) This movie was accepted for showing on the website of the BBC. To see if my movie is still there, and view the work of other computer animation artists, go to www.bbc.co.uk and find the art zone. (The version here is bigger. Still, fame at last!).

girl's face


In a sombre mood... a lament for the 20th Century (76K but quick loading). Click on the image.

by Roxanna

Dancing freinds

...and to cheer you up after that: a movie based on a felt tip pen drawing done by a six year old on a paper plate. Modern art? A six year old has done it! Click on the image for the movie (44K, quick loading).

Iphis's midwife

Iphis and Ianthe

Iphis was a girl brought up as a boy; she fell in love with another girl.

Who are we? Who decides with whom we fall in love?

I have put this movie on another page since it is not suitable for young children, because it shows the transformation by a goddess of a girl into a boy, which could be confusing if you are at an age when you might believe such things possible. The questions the story raises are relevant to adults and adolescents, and the movie is intended to provoke thought. Click on the picture to go to a gateway page for the movie.