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girl by Karin Johnson

girl. Karen Johnson c. 1951

Exhibited at the Festival of Britain

Karen Johnson

I have been unable to find any links to this artist on the web. I am not even sure of the spelling of her name. Please email me if you know anything about this artist, or know a good web link.

Hans Feibusch

angels by Hans FeibuschHans Feibusch, a German Jew, was one of the artists exhibited in Hitler's Degenerate Art exhibition, which consisted of art of which Hitler disapproved. Unable to work in Germany, he came to England in 1933. He converted to Christianity and painted many fine murals in churches, especially around London. Late in life he converted back to the faith of his ancestors. He continued painting until his death recently at an advanced age.

Feibusch came to my notice because of the fine mural by him on the wall behind the altar in the church where my wife has recently been appointed curate. I searched the internet for information about him and located a book for sale by a second hand bookseller in New Zealand. When the book arrived, by some strange quirk of fate it contained tucked inside it this photograph, and a newspaper cutting recording the dedication of the very same church in Rotherhithe, London, with a photograph of Feibusch's mural.

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Eric Gill

Eric Gill links:

sculpture of Eve by Eric Gill

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