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Unique mermaid towel hooks made to order

Only hover or click your mouse over the towel to see the mermaid if you are not offended by highly provocative mermaids

nude mermaid
if this doesn't work it's because of microsoft's useless browser - get Firefox

(If the towel doesn't disappear to reveal the naked and seductive mermaid as it should then it means you are using a non-standards-compliant browser, probably Internet Explorer 6 or 7. I am working on it, but please consider downloading Firefox free instead. If you can't see the mermaid then click here. If you are a fisherman or a pirate or work in maritime insurance then this mermaid is not safe for work.)

You thought all you had to worry about was the Starbucks logo (and again here - updated links)! But mine are the sexiest mermaids you will ever see.

It is a known fact that mermaids are very sexy and that is how they lure sailors to their deaths on the rocks. If mermaids were demurely attired then the sailors would just wave as they sailed by, with a cheery "Ahoy there Mavis!" (or whatever the mermaid's name happened to be), "Can't stop now, busy day."

Seriously though, if you were a mermaid would you wear a bikini made out of three scallop shells? No, I thought not. You would be wild and free like a maritime Bacchante, let the waves caress your voluptuous body and provoke poor sailors by disporting yourself in a manner calculated to make their telescopes extend.

The story of this mermaid painting is that the rather inadequate towel hooks in my shower room fell off the wall, and I decided to look for something more interesting. I found three different Victorian or Edwardian brass clothes hooks. Then I cut a suitable board into a Rococo shape to fix them to. When the towels are removed the mermaid is revealed in all her glory.

Start your day happy with a bespoke mermaid

If you want a little healthy visual stimulation early in the morning, I can make you a mermaid towel hook too. Unlike real mermaids, my mermaids do not lure you to your death in the sea or even cause you to get soap in your eye in the shower. In fact by promoting blood flow in vital organs they help prolong happy life. For a bespoke mermaid in the pose of your choice, ask for a quotation.

This example: board waterproofed on all sides with acrylic gesso and painted with high quality lightproof oil paints, to be varnished before sale, dimensions 15.5(width) x 13.5(height) x 0.75(thickness excluding hooks) inches (394x343x19mm), fully water-resistant.

For a no obligation quotation for a mermaid contact me.

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