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16 August 2010: egyptian
From David Henschel's Quantock Hills:

Listen, be glad, but
turn and sleep again
until the swords and songs both say
'now peace is in awakening.'

Visit the Narrow Gate Press blog for more.

2 July 2008: Someone wrote in to tell me that God wants me to burn my paintings because they have naked women in them. The full text of the complaint and my reply are in my new mini-essay, A Theory of sex and art.

3 compasses 30 June 2007: My new poem Elegy on the demise of the Three Compasses pub, Rotherhithe.

Paddington Heraclitus's Railway Adventure, a mini play or dialogue in the manner of Plato, with a little Aristophanes thrown in. Here is a link to what Heraclitus actually said, and another translation of Heraclitus in English and French, together with the original Greek. Click here for Parmenides.

Hebe Hebe and the poisonous garden, a very short story with illustrations. There really was a King Attalus: he was the last of a line of kings that ruled over part of what had once been Alexander's empire, before the Romans took over everything. Plutarch says that Attalus had a garden of venomous vegetables (Demetrius 20.2).

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