One of the geese grew enormous and the goosegirl became Leda. Is she dreaming of the monstrous goose or unconscious of him? Is the goose threatening her or watching over her protectively?

This print started out as the goose girl, based on the small painting by Jean-Francois Millet. I wanted to change the goose girl's hair from Millet's peasant style to the hair of the goosegirl in Grimm's fairytale. She lets down her long hair when she thinks no-one is looking.

Then I decided to make one of the geese very large, and many people asked me if it was now Leda and the goose, so that is what I have called it.

Leda and the goose

Stone lithograph print, approx. 10x14 inches (26x35cm). Strictly limited edition of 50 signed and numbered black prints on heavyweight cream Somerset paper, plus six prints only in dark grey ink on a warm grey Somerset paper. There can be no more prints of this image as I have now reground the stone.

© 2002, 2004.

Click on the thumbnail left to go to the original goose girl print based on Millet's painting, and right for an enlargement of the central portion of the Leda print.

Prints are UKú70.00 each including postage. Please fill in the form on the contact page for all enquiries. (I have had to remove the email link because of excessive spam.)

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All images copyright 2001, 2004 Martin Dace