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The Interactive Fairy!

Animated dress-up doll

You can make the fairy fly and move her arms and legs


Read this first: Moving the cursor over the fairy's chest causes her to fly, and her limbs move when you click on them. You can get her to sit on one of the mushrooms, and put her into balletic poses. Please try to keep her posture elegant.

Also you can dress the fairy! There is a magic spot on one of the toadstools that you click on to get the fairy's other clothes. To remove her existing dress you click and drag on the lower part of the dress and then click on the little circle below the neck line to cause it to disappear. You move the fairy's other clothes around and put them away in the same way. Fairies have invisible wardrobes and never have to do laundry.

If you don't put stuff away it will fly around with the fairy, so please be tidy.

Ready? To see the interactive fairy, click on the picture.

The dress the fairy feature is inspired by those cardboard cutout dolls which you used to get. They had cardboard clothing that you could dress them up with (using little paper tabs). For some reason these always held a certain fascination when I was a small boy (don't get me wrong here: I had Meccano too). It is amazing how one can suspend disbelief about something so obviously unreal.

Should I be spending time on this obviously trivial project? Well, first of all no animals or humans suffered in the making of this movie, and it does not contribute to intolerance, global warming, or the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction as far as I know (although the purchase of a computer might be suspect). Also the fairies say it's fine by them, as long as I don't show too much nudity. (They are normally naked but they don't like to be watched.) But in the context of the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything, I don't know.

Maybe it's not great art, but it's still better than a pickled shark.


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