Dionysos and Maenad

Update September 2003


After a long gap I have returned to working on these. Here is the maenad's redesigned tunic, and below is the stone ledge she is dancing on. I have made the goat's head a lot bigger, and begun the flowers.


Earlier stages are below.

Work in progress 2002

dancing maenad Dionysos

These unfinished paintings of a Maenad or Bacchante and Dionysos, god of wine, are intended eventually for a wall in a garden.

The paintings are carried out in oil on acrylic primed MDF board. When the oil paint has dried enough (in about six months) the paintings will be varnished so that they will withstand outdoor conditions. They will be mounted on the wall by means of countersunk screw holes into wooden battens (existing trellis).

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