Martin Dace

Original oil paintings in a realistic, traditional yet unique style. My aim is to produce beauty. See Alice pass through the looking glass, a cherub amidst garden foliage, a restful landscape.... Click on the small image in the left margin to see a larger version, with description. There are additional pictures in the following sections: the angels page now has two angels, the cherubs section has three different garden cherub paintings plus four small paintings in the "elements" series, and the rocking horse section has three different paintings.


Purchase and technical information.

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Mailing list and enquiries

I welcome all enquiries, whether for purchase of items or just interest in the site. If you wish to be sent an email when the site is updated or to be notified of dates of open studios please email me. I shall not pass on your email address to anyone else.


You may view a painting prior to purchase if you wish to visit my studio, a short walk from New Cross Gate station (Connex and Underground), London, England (by prior arrangement). Occasional open days will be advertised on this site, and by mail or email if you are on my mailing list.

Contact information

Martin Dace: Tel: +44 (0)20 7639 6311; fax: +44 (0)20 7639 1842;

email: martin@dace.co.uk


For oil painting I use Michael Wilcox or Michael Harding colours or others of equivalent quality. I choose pigments that have either stood the test of time (for example, the iron oxide earth colours were used in the caves of Lascaux 15,000 years ago), or their modern chemical equivalents (eg: ultramarine, a synthetic blue equivalent to the lapis lazuli blue used by medieval artists and the ancient Egyptians), or pigments where there is good reason to believe in the longevity of the colours because of extensive testing (titanium white, cadmium red). Colours still available to the modern artist, such as rose madder and some of its synthetic equivalents, are known to fade, and I do not use them.



It is nearly impossible to represent the colours and tones of a painting accurately on a web page. This is because the tonal and colour range of a photograph or a scanned image cannot match the range of the human eye. In general the tonal range and subtlety of colour is greater in the paintings than can be represented on a computer screen.


What if, after living with a painting for a while, you decide you no longer like it? My guarantee is that you may return any painting in its original condition within 60 days for a no-quibble refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping and insurance costs). (Please note that different terms apply to commissioned portraits: see the commissions page for details.)


Pricing information will be provided on this site in the near future. If you are interested in a picture, email me for price information. Information about starting prices for portraits is on the portraits page.


As is normal practice, sale of a work does not imply sale of copyright.

Copyright on all the images in this website is reserved. However you may post an image from this site on your website provided you acknowledge Martin Dace as copyright owner, and place a link back to my home page: http://www.dace.co.uk/, and please also email me to let me know: I might want to link to your page too!


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