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strange but beautiful free desktop wallpaper

Free desktop wallpaper

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Click on a thumbnail for a desktop wallpaper 768 pixels high.



nude nymph

nymph 2

flying fairy

flying fairies

grotesque girl




naked bacchante


St Catherine

St Catherine


nymph 1

Click on a caption to read more about the image.

To set an image as desktop wallpaper:

Notes on displaying desktop wallpaper

The reason for centering the images is that although all of them are full height, some of the images are not full width. Obviously they will not look so good if stretched. For images that do not fill the full width of your monitor, choose the background carefully - preferably a plain colour that echoes one of the colours in the image.

In Mac OSX you can set the desktop images to change from time to time automatically, from the Desktop and Screen Saver, so you can enjoy all my free wallpaper as you work.

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