vase of flowers in an impressionist manner

vase of flowers

Oil on canvas, 10x14 inches (25.5x35.5cm), Martin Dace 2002. Unframed UKŁ240.00 including shipping within the UK. Framing can be arranged at additional cost: contact me for more information.

Not my usual style (but compare an earlier flower painting here.) This painting was done in a single afternoon with the paint being applied fairly thickly direct onto primed canvas board, with a white ground and only the minimum of preparatory drawing.

The Dutch Old Master technique, by contrast, would have started with a fairly meticulous drawing and a dark ground. In addition, I don't think they aimed to complete a whole painting by sunset, and the giveaway is that they put roses and tulips in the same vase. I might try that sometime: paint the vase first, then add flowers one by one through the year!

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