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nude fairy

Fairy on a geranium leaf. Original drawing 2010, pencil and turpentine on prepared paper, 12x7.5 inches (300x190mm), £200 unframed. Can be shipped. This is item no. 001. There is only one and when it's gone it's gone. Click to buy.

Why are fairies usually nearly naked?

A not very frequently asked question is why fairies are often naked or at any rate scantily clad.

It's not very frequently asked because most people are sensible enough to know that the whole point of fairies is that they are wild and free and they do whatever they like without asking permission or filling in any forms in triplicate.

They fly in the air and their bodies are warm, so the air always feels warm to them, as if it were a gentle summer day, the sort of day when you would take all your clothes off too if you didn't happen to be shopping in the High Street.

If ever the mood takes you to take off all your clothes in the High Street and say, "I feel like a fairy," I should warn you that there are many layers of ambiguity to that statement and none of them will endear you to the custodians of the law.

That is, as you might say, an Elfin Safety warning.

nude fairy

The above image has been photoshopped from the original drawing by using various filters on different layers and altering the transparency of the layers. (Coloured photoshop image not for sale at present, however you are welcome to contact me if you think it should be.)

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Banner holding fairies, mushroom fairies, the famous interactive fairy.


The image above links to a two-tailed winged mermaid. Whether this is a fairy or strictly a mermaid is a matter for taxonomists of imaginary creatures.

england fairies

These fairies are proud to be English but they don't get drunk and beat you up on a Saturday night or talk loudly to foreigners.

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