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dress up doll

with age control of the doll: animation child to adult

interactive animation

Back to childhood, when you could get cardboard dress-up dolls on the backs of cereal packets.


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dress up doll

Here is a still from my dress up doll (paperless paper doll) interactive animation. You can vary the age of the doll (between 0 and 18 years) as well as dress and undress her.

I know you're keen to dress the doll and not bother reading the rest of this page, so to see the dress the doll animation click the picture on the left.

This animation requires the Flash plug-in, which you will be prompted to download if you don't have it already.

As with a lot of the things I do that don't make money, it is unfinished. For example, she only has one pair of Victorian boots, and no other shoes at all.

My original idea was to make many more clothes for her, that could be put together in various outfits.

The mathematics of the changing proportions of children as they grow up is based on my own theory, which is carefully explained on my child proportions page.

The slider underneath her feet varies her age. The spare clothes are in the wardrobe. There is a small button on each item of clothing by which you can move it about by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Unlike real children's clothes, they grow as she grows. This saves a lot of expense, as you can imagine.

Quite frankly, her wardrobe is a total mess. It's a wonder everything doesn't get creased up in there.

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Here is a link to a page that is sending huge numbers of visitors to this page: dressupgames.com. Thanks for the appreciation!