Still life with ceramic sculptures


Despair : Oil on canvas 14x18 inches (35x45cm)
unframed UKú430.00 (=US$650.00 approx.) excluding shipping.

This painting is inspired by a small stoneware figurine by Don McNeill, a ceramic artist who lives in Oxford, England. I bought the figurine at Art in Action 2000.

The girl seems to have lost hope in things going right in her life.

The little cat figurines I bought from a neighbour of mine, ceramic artist Ruty Benjamini. They have been simply squeezed and pinched from the clay. They are so full of life, and their attitudes are so typically cat-like, that I bought two. They ended up on my desk next to the girl, and it seemed natural that they would walk round her, the way cats do, not understanding her sadness and perhaps expecting her to stroke them or feed them.

Just because she feels despair at her life not going right doesn't mean she despairs totally. She is going to soldier on, because she has courage.

When I feel sad myself, sad pictures and sad music make me feel better. One day I put all the sadness I had into this painting.

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This image copyright Martin Dace 2001: you must email me for permission if you wish to publish or reproduce it.