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catastrophe cat

Qatastrophe Qat

otherwise known as Katastrophe Kat (he had a teenage identity crisis and changed his name)

Below is frame 1a of an eight-frame single page A4 cartoon I created in about 1970, in any case a long time ago. John Dewey Jones, a school chum and now an eminent professor of something or other in Canadia (a far-flung province of the Empire) invented the character Qatastrophe Qat.

In these difficult economic times Qatastrophe Qat seems relevant again.

Click on the picture for each subsequent frame. Read below for more random nonsense about how to get rich quick in a recession.

katastrophe kat

Disclaimer: All of the brushes in Qatastrophe Qat © ™ ‡ ℜ ζ &c are fictional and any resemblance to any real brush, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I changed the name to 'Brush-E-Z' because the original name resembled too closely a real brush.

Unfortunately, according to Google, there also exist brushes for cleaning motor bike parts and for surgical purposes that have similar names to the new name. It is not my intention to suggest that any of these brushes would be sold door-to-door by a cat with a totally inept sales technique.

(Look let's cut to the chase shall we? If anyone is offended by my satire about cats and brushes let me know, but don't sue, because you won't get any money. If you want money, read on...)

How to get rich quick in a recession

Well first of all there is a very long brochure about how to get rich quick. Typically this will start out by promising you the little-known secret that the people in the City/ Big Government/ Fat Cats/ Bookies don't want you to know about.

Then the brochure will tell you about all the fabulous things you will be able to buy with all the moolah that is just waiting to jump into your bank account once you apply the secret.

After a few more pages of this is the call to action. This is the bit where they tell you that this secret, which will probably make you sums of, ooh, typically 125.57p, 100000000.99p or even sixpence ha'penny, with no effort at all on your part, can be yours, normally for 1000.97p but for a special limited time offer if you respond in the next 8 seconds you can get it for only 5p! (Plus a monthly credit card deduction of 29.99p for the rest of your life.)

Well I can tell you the secret right now, for absolutely FREE (just prove you're over 18 by filling in your credit card details... just kidding). Are you seriously ready to get rich without any meaningful contribution to society or even getting out of bed? Ok, here goes:

What you do is write a very long brochure about... [go back to first paragraph and read on]

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