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Calligraphy and Illumination

Calligraphy (Greek): kalos: beautiful; graphein: to write - beautiful writing.

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Illuminations for a text by Kahlil Gibran (On Children from The Prophet).

let your bending... gif

You could have your favourite quotation beautifully written and illuminated with pictures like the ones here at a reasonable price, perhaps for hanging in your office or at home to inspire you when life gets too hectic. Your illuminated saying would be a one-off work of art done to your specifications. For pricing of calligraphy see calligraphy page 2: click here or click on the acanthus leaf illumination on the navigation bar on the left. Email me with your requirements for a price quotation.

Stuck for a thoughtful or inspirational saying? Visit the collection of quotations on the artist's statement page.

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