Young Ballerina

A photograph found in a junk shop of a child ballet dancer is used as the starting point for an oil painting. See the Flash animation for an insight into how an artist sees.

girl ballerina face In the html (non-animated) section the painting sequence is shown. This is how I build up a painting in layers.

In the Flash animation it is first demonstrated how one may mentally understand and see what gives the body its three dimensional presence, in terms of force, structure, space and light.

Next is shown the basic craft of physically building up the picture first in lines of force, then outline, then tone and lastly colour

Finally a closeup of the face is shown. I have tried to convey something timeless in the expression.

girl ballerina to girl dancer flash movie To go to the html version first and the flash animation later, click on the ballerina on the left.

To go to the flash animation first and the html version later, click on the ballerina on the right. The flash animation is fast loading even over a normal bandwidth connection and you won't have to wait ages watching a loading screen (what's the point in using Flash unless you give people something interesting to look at?).

The full painting measures 20x15 inches ( 50x38 cm) approximately, and is in oil on paper. The price of the painting unframed is UKú510 (= approx. US$720). For further information contact me.

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