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  • A new book from Narrow Gate Press, Sharon Gordon's Treasured Chests. My publisher's review was accepted on but banned on Could it have been because I used the word breasts?
  • The Kindle edition of Heres and Nows: poems from a life by David Henschel is now available from Amazon.
  • Narrow Gate Press has teamed up with Blue Logic to bring you interesting books on esoteric subjects.

Available now

Heres and Nows: poems from a life, David Henschel (poetry): see the Narrow Gate Press blog for sample poems and the latest information. David Henschel's Heres and Nows is available from bookshops or click the link to read sample pages on Amazon.

Available soon

Aletheia: a girl in search of truth, Martin Dace (novel)


A step-by-step guide to preparing your book for publication using the Mac, Martin Dace

Available soon under the Burning Heart imprint:

Dating - the missing manual by Dr Cornelius Agrippa. Dr Agrippa found that when writing his books on how to have great sex, the question of relationships invariably arose, and then of course the question of how a man can find the woman of his dreams in the first place. This material threatened to take over the book, so he decided to expand the dating advice and turn it into a book of its own.

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Last as long as you want in bed - 5 steps to regaining control by Dr Cornelius Agrippa - a guide to overcoming premature ejaculation. Printed book and e-Book.

Solve erection problems now - better harder erections by Dr Cornelius Agrippa. e-Book.

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